Wednesday, August 24, 2005

D'onofrio being sold on Ebay

Click the link above to see the Ebay ad for my precious paintings send-off. What once was a joy and fun journey now is turning into a battle between power and money. Such is life, and sigh, so is art. The price is set at a reasonable $3,000 US, and I hope (wink) no one will buy it at the price, but the art world is expensive, and my item only rests inbetween the others. After all, if it does sell, you know that in the end, it'll be a nice trip to get it back when I'm older. For now, Godspeed little artwork, and I'll see you yet again.


At 9:55 PM, Blogger Chris Powell said...

Hey, was just randomly searching the blogs and noticed that it says u make film. U can actually post films on your blog. Just go to and once u load your film on that they give u the option of putting it on your blog. Just thought u might be interested.

Cheers. (If your bored im always happy for people to visit my blog to.


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