Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just another one in the bag.

To the most wonderful of nights. The adventure started with the absence of Philip. Leaving for his work, I ventured to Rachel and Ralph’s to miss his exit. Upon traveling to the Cortez residence I happened upon some fire trucks. I whipped out my cell phone and called Rachel immediately; the fire trucks were in her area. Jokingly I said,” Rachel – che – che you ok?” In which she replied, “Yeah, as a matter of fact, I’m the reason why they are here.” I was alarmed to hear this on my bike ride to the apartment. Turning the corner I saw around 8-10 fire trucks blocking the whole street. I entered Rachel’s apartment and learned the story of the potential fire in the adjacent house, hence the reason why Rachel decided to clue in the Chicago Police as a kind gesture. After a phone call back reassuring Rachel’s non-involvement in a fake emergency phone call, we decided to pick up food at Jewel for the premiere of the Family Guy movie we received bootleg from an undetermined source. Walking past my obscenely crowded job at Angelina’s I arrived at Jewel with the absence of Ralph. Turns out Rachel and Ralph had a little tiff (which we discussed in humor) and left. Rachel and I bought food for the evening including the following munchies; chips, soda, and brownies. I called Missy my friend from Highschool (who was coming over) and clued her in on our endeavors. Upon entering the apartment I realized I had forgotten about the next-door neighbors house warming party, where the whole complex was apparently invited to attend. I decided to grab the bottle of un-opened Courvoisier and decorate it in token gay fashion for the present. Rachel was to be my pseudo date. We bantered about the way people will look at the “young couple” that dabbled in art, but when we entered David and Elizabeth’s condo we realized it was two different realms. Lawyers and Artists, though it would have been my pick Elizabeth was the artist, it turned out David was. Oils and such, the likes of a Photograph turned paint-by-numbers. Not much feeling from the art, instead a glimpse into a different life. Rachel and I tipped our glasses, cheered to a bunch of young Chicago folk, some of who resided in our presence. After a Blueberry martini and glass of red wine, I was back on my cell phone filling in Missy on what we were doing. Returning home after showing the apartments differences and virtues to Elizabeth, we chilled and smoked a little. Missy called and I hurried down to open the door and invite her into my life again. She met Rachel, who was laughing as she retold her stories of the night to Missy. We started the Family Guy Movie and started to chill with a nice bottle of wine. Can I tell you, whatever the marketing strategy of this movie was worked. I had NO clue as an avid fan of the comedy that there was a movie. I received the bootleg from a friend who was a fan, and we watched with great anticipation for laughter. Hitting all the jokes the season after the DVD release barred not to allow made this movie terribly enjoyable, and made me laugh the way I did the first time I was introduced to the Family. Partaking in the intermission, Rachel left as she had work at 5:30am, and missy and I talked about life. It’s both a burden and amazing that people collide when they do. Involvement in life is so central to the key of life for me, and it’s always a great achievement when you can get documentation of a life in hindsight. Taking in the last of the Family Guy movie, we talked about our choices for the night and decided on the ever-so-popular Kit Kat lounge. We walked to the club and had to hail a cab for Missy because of its 2am closing. A quick ending to a rather uneventful life. I wonder when anything is going to happen to me.


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how high were you when you wrote this?


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