Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Trip 101.

Following the very quick flight to Virginia's Washington Airport, dad and I arrived at the gate with Papa waiting for us as planned. We traveled to Fuddruckers (which I have never experienced ) called the sister and made a prank phone call informing them that - I might be able to help them move on Sunday. We finished lunch after some good conversation and drove to Papas home. There I went in the basement and tried on my grandfather's helmet which fits like a glove, and went to sleep in the bed downstairs. The valium from the plane ride gave me a nice nap, which was stunted by the enterance of Brandon my cousin. He greeted me with stories of drinking and girls, as I tried to stay awake. He gave me his IMing name, which has "redneck" in it. I said I have to finish this nap and fell back to sleep.
1. Arrival time for Mom Lauren and Bryan is 11pm
2. Max capacity for trip might be 4, so an extra car might be needed to rent.
3. Can wait to take photos of this place.
4. Need to finish sleeping.
5. Richard wrote back and loves the artwork.

Attached are pictures of dad, me, the airplane, dad in virginia, and grampa and I.


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