Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Driving Helen to protective custody Spencer.

We drove and drove. Location: 27th and California. People: Me and Jayne. Why: Visitation for Spencer. After the hour long ride - we make it to the jailhouse, where we go through the process of visitation. Going through frisk after frisk, and waiting in line for a metal detector that blows you six times. after that - you travel through a small area that isn't quite protected, but you arrive at a building with many people waiting for their loved ones. "He's in PC, his visitation day is Sunday, come back on Sunday." No arguing with the lady named "Lee", and we leave, with no hellos, goodbyes, or acknowledgements that we ever were there. Poor Spencer. Just sitting there 23 hours a day, resting and waiting to get out. Know what you have people, freedom, and do nothing to take that freedom away. Spencer, You'll see the light soon, Until now, it's next Sunday.


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