Thursday, November 03, 2005


Day started with waking up.
Slept with Philip.
Woke up without him
Made stew in Simmer-on
5pm online chat about what to do
Chatting up boom boom
Run to brown elephant with Philip after bank –
Ate dinner, watched Simpsons
Phlip made another dinner
Ate that
Got a dress (small argument)
Made it work – just in time for the parade
David called – said mike cancelled – needs date for the parade
We go – I as a horrible Kristy Alley and him as the best Wonka ever.
It’s raining.
Go to cocktail grab a drink meet David’s boyfriend.
We pass minibar, and want to enter the contest.
See, skecksi’s, hurricane Katrina
We enter because I see Steve Cole, who’s working the event.
It’s televised and he says we “shouldn’t” enter the parade if not registerd.
We walk out and I eat my jays in the rain.
Everyone knows Willy wonka and loves it.
We exit the parade around cocktail.
Go meet jay and julian at cocktail for a drink
We go to ping pong (third dinner)
On the way we meet “becky”
Have dinner and take pictures. Birdie holds a table for us.
We eat.
Walk to Jay and Julian’s car.
They drive David to my place.
I change from Kristy Ally to one of the Gotti’s
We leave – David’s gotta work crobar and I am meeting Matt who is going with me and a group to Boom Boom
I get a text from Adrian saying he’s asleep.
I get there and Matt is dead tired.
We need to nap, and so we put on Clue, David is in the glass elevator.
Matt falls asleep on me, and I literally tuck him in.
My mood is iffy, but David is right there in the car to transport me somewhere.
Wrong Walgreens.
I wait and call Igor and wake him up. Sorry.
David picks me up and we go to crobar.
Enter front, walk in, totally nice scene.
The “Gaylords” were playing a full concert.
Philip looked good as Shaggy, and was happy I wasn’t dressed as Kristy.
We drink and walk around, the crowd is nice and happy.
Meet Ami and Vicky -=- she offers me a modeling job at FORD.
We leave and they pact to meet at Boom Boom.
We sit in the car and wonder if we should.
Have had a wonderful time, so we drive by to see if it’s fun.
Driving, we pass and HOLLA! It’s super awesome busy.
Big line, and many people dressed.
We park around the block, walk and see the people leaving. They are shouting “willy wonka”~! And a chick trys to suck David’s blood.
She’s happy drunk and we are staring at a huge line.
I take out my “black card” that Big Brad gave me for Boom Boom (the secret VIP card)
I swallow and walk past the line, everyone shouting “Charlie” (mind you it’s Willy)
I look at the bouncer, flash the black card, and with true Gotti style I say – “Me and Wonka”
The bouncer looks at David and says “where do you work” with a familiar face.
“Crobar”, David says. –
Music pumping, costumes everywhere, smiles, smiles, good music, and more smiles.
Guys, Girls, Everyone.
Key items on the list for Boom Boom.
Naked black man (very tall) in Mink, and nothing under, dancing with his penis flappin everywhere.
The “stylin” couple
David’s Angel who recited all Wonka quotes.
The shirtless girl.
The fun, the fun, Big Brad, and Billy.
We leave at 3:32am, just in time to leave as the party was still strong.
Drive back with the perfect song.(Unfortunatly Gwen Stefani, maybe it is the spirit in me.)

Kiss David goodnight,
Get home,
And await another day.


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