Thursday, December 22, 2005

Most recently I've forgotten the main rule of a blogger is to blog. I've shared my movies and my pictures, music and other media to you, but I've lacked those stories I used to write.
It was at the local thrift store that I overheard the conversation such as this; I'm going to call this store "this" store and that store "the" store. (Now the second girl replies; "Why wouldn't you call this store "this" store and that store "that" store? Reply - Cause "that" store would imply a bad thing, you know... "That" store. "The" store is for that store, and "This" store is for this store.
I hung up the blue shirt I was putting away and glanced over to see the two girls chatting. "How could I end up here?" I thought. No where in my past have I ever thought I'd end up in a retail job listening to little girls banter over their nicknames for thriftstores.
It's Christmas time.
Hang another shirt.
I breath as I think of all the other jobs that I could have ended up with, going for exactly what I got in the beginnning; a short job that would allow something for me to do on a consistant basis. Now, however, I am tired and aggrivated at the world of retail.
hang another shirt.
Straighten rack.
I secretly keep my sidekick in my back pocket and today was caught looking at it while I was supposed to be getting this shirt off the wall for a customer.
Remember - "The customer is always right"
forget - "the customer is always right"


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