Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I know. I know. The last thing I want to hear is "why didn't you keep up your blog?" The answer is I've been BUSY! Los Angeles is providing some great experiences, and I have my own 24 access editing bay with a co-hort Scott who's showing me some great things on the editing board.
Happy Memorial Day weekend -


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Schpengle Carrot-Tripe said...

ooh that looks liek some funky Mac attack sort of stuff.
'tis in German I espy.

same as my laptop.curses, it was so much cheaper at the time,
shame I had to learn German to use it.

ah well, I'm sure it;ll come in handy ,
m, I was going to say during the next world war, but
Arabic will probably be more use then.
oh joy!!

and heres Timothy with the Weather!....


hee hee


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Aethlos said...

only takes 10 minutes to draft one good paragraph... get up 10 minutes early, or go to bed 10 minutes late... but keep up your blog... you're starting to get good press - from great blogs - like fresh-n-tastyness...


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