Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I know. I can't read it - but look - that's me! He's talking about me!




すでに多くの才能が煌めいているはずのYouYubeですが、私が今日出会ったのはDirectorian。(本名はIan Sklarsky。シカゴ出身の24歳。大学では映画/ドキュメンタリーを先攻。いつも何か作っているフィルムメイカー。YouTubeにはすでに68本のオリジナル作品をアップ。)次の二本に惹かれました。

the Faces >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFuFvBm198U

The Rainy Day >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnjj40tpUzc

関連ブログ >> http://notedinaninstant.blogspot.com/

関連サイト >> http://www.turnherefilmmakers.com/filmmakers/Ian_Sklarsky/

ちなみに、YouTubeは梅田さんが紹介している「The 2006 AO100」の「Consumer & Entertainment」部門にノミネートされました。



At 2:08 AM, Blogger Chris Powell said...

Hey, my japanese is pretty bad but with the help of an online translator i think I can get the basic gist of what he/she was trying to say. it sjust saying hoe there is so much stuff to be found on the net using search engines, and this persone came across your stuff and liked it.

Its only a really basic translation and its probably wrong but im hoping that im right. hehehe. less than two weeks until i leave here now and it sucks. Farewells every day. Ive never cried so much in my life.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger JF APACHE said...

Hi. I'm Japanese. How did you find this comment? Did you use Google or Yahoo or any search engine? I guess. It shows you some pages that matched the word "Directorian", but it can't find out "Directorian" from videos.
This Japanese comment is about possibility of search engine and YouTube.

The summary like this ...

Search engine needs "search word". So, Search engine is actively, and it restricts encounter with unknown world.
But, YouTube offer encounter with unknown world. Because, "watch the movie" meaning "encounter unknown world" in the YouTube.
So, he use YouTube for encounter, and found out your nice video. He says "Directrian's talent is marvelous.". I agree with him. (My favorite is "phone call".)

Lastly, I might apologize to you. Because my English is bad than Chris's Japanese.
But, this Japanese comment isn't bad for you, and Chris is right. Please believe me.


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