Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yo Mama! Official Teaser

Mission Yo' Mama! Completed.

Now the job is to transfer all the tapes and get a video out there within 3 weeks - Can I do this? I'm off to San Fransisco this weekend to shoot a video for John Niec and then I'm back for a few days. It was such a wonderful trip with my mom - I had to kidnap her and take her somewhere she'd never been - All this time people had been staring at the car (named M.A.U.D.E.) and shouting comments to us - even some kids wrote "Nice Car" on a paper and put it up against the window for us to see. Mom also said the car road smoothly and I had no problem putting a nice 5 hour ride in one day. More video to come guys... Hold on to your horses.


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