Tuesday, July 05, 2005

From Chicago with Love, Pardon my naivete.

AIM IM with ______________ 8:03 PM
where do you live?
what street
Bedford and n6 in williamsburg
i'm with a friend giving me tips
Not anywhere near their
is that what it's called
we have a map of New york
i'm coming prepared
Do you see union squar in manhattan
of course
i know union square
I live where all the hipster indie kids live
is de la guarda playing?
so cool
whats the intersection we'll see on a map
So if you follow a straight line with your fingure to the right
Right past the river you'll see williamsburg
Follow 14th st
All the way to the right and cross the river as if 14th was there and I'm right there
you in queens

No go a little south sout of greenpoint
in pennsylviania - are you near bucks county
See it
Hahaaha your not looking at a very good map
Your looking at a state map huh
8:10 PM
I'm 3 stops from uinon square on the la train
Tkae 4 minutes
Sorry l train
my friends ripping on me
can i publish this?
Why is he riping on you
cause he's honest about what my boyfriend will be doing when i'm gone
Haha what's your bf going to be doing
freaking out about me

and you guys on the rocks
he played out a funny kinda true play of what philip will think
Haha will phillip be nervous
Don't forget to tell him how hot I am
can i put this on my blog?
Of course
You want me to send a picture too
Where's your blog at
Is that the link u sebt me earlier


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