Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pictures from the MiniBar.

These are all pictures taken during the pre-opening night of the Mini-bar opening. Stu Zirin and John Dalton have outdone themselves, and opened a weekend early - just for us to get an idea of the bars layout and feel. Sounds and looks nice to me, doormen - to bartenders (of course first night jitters) host in a very nice welcoming way. The place is transformed from the ex-filter building, to a tan and hotel feeling which brings you into the center main bar. A round sided bar accents and a nice double mirror (with television in back) that secure the futurstic minimal feeling the designers would like. Drinks at $5 and no smoking will spark many a conversation tonight, but then again - it's only a week before opening. Rumor has it that the "no smoking" part will stay intact, allowing a smooth enterance into the gay nightlife venues. Kudos to Minibar, you've done well.


At 9:20 AM, Blogger Dork Dorkstein said...

Filter? You mean Felt?


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