Saturday, November 19, 2005

JJ You touched me so.

Today I learned of my friends death. Always such a horrible experience to learn of death, but JJ's was rather sudden and unpredicted. When I lived in LA, JJ's love and friendship became a staple for the memories that I would carry. He was smart, entertaining, casual, and had a flair about him. Nothing was off topic, too much, or too little for this guy. His smile would light the room, and his topics, stories, and knowledge would astonish you completely. With every day in LA, that I would spend with his presence, I felt a comfort, something that will live with me forever about LA, about JJ Feick. You will live on in my memories and my IM. Such a loss.. such a wonderful friendship that bloomed during the sweet moments it had. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family and friends...

R.I.P. JJ Feick
Thoughts are with you Neal too.

JJ made me the man I am. Living in Califorinia without my parents advise, so many thing could would go wrong,.. as soon as the door openned to me and me guest, the party waw rolling. Never a dull moment, never a fight, if there was one, qickly broken up, cried about cried about and then 3AM, have another whole night ahead of us. where are we going'. What will be doing? Thinking on our owns, showing us the ropes of life, how to have fun, how to not have a bad night, You look me in your hands and led me along different roads and jourines. The beer factory (Japansese( Ashati)) you screamed out that the factory we are passing made that beer - after the "golden girls" theme song being played. Oh JJ - Why did you go.

I'll alawys remember you in the best was possible. The way you were to me.

Loves to famililes and friends.


At 1:00 PM, Blogger cls*j said...

i'm so sorry sweetie...


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