Monday, April 17, 2006

Lost and Found; the taste of forgetfulness.

When the thought of losing your keys comes to my head it rings two bells;
Don't be alarmed, and Be VERY alarmed.
Trust me - I don't want to forget things, but I am human, and humans forget things. Easter dinner was wonderful and the honey-glazed ham went very well with the almond sparkling wine we had. I slept wonderfully on the brand new Serta matress with 2-in pillow top... so heavenly. I woke up and took a shower in my old bathroom, and had a drink of coffee that wasn't so terribly hot this time. I travelled on the bullet train into the city, thankfully passing all of the stops inbetween. I caught the 151 to put me to the Orange line to take me to the Brownline, then thinking it would be faster to take the 147, walking a block to Michigan Ave. to catch the X3 King Drive bus to connect me to the 146 that would get me home. Stepping off the 146 I walked home molesting my bag as my Ipod was playing "I've got a brand pair of rollerskates, you've got a brand new key". Now that I think about it, the song really fit for this morning.
I get home with no keys, no clue, and no worries.
I remember where they are, make the nessesary arrangments to pick them up in the near future, and will proceed with my day as planned.

Oh. The keys were in the car that took my away from the city. The passenger seat - lower pocket. The first thing I did was put them there and enjoyed my ride away from the city last night.

Here are some tips for those forgetful woes who let their keys stray.

Their importance is obvious, but losing your keys is more than inconvenient -- it can also jeopardize the safety of your home and car.

Leave them on a hook next to the door.
Attach a paging device to your keychain.
If you're like most men, odds are you have a cup or bowl for spare change; you might as well use this to store your keys. If not, prepare one specifically for the things you need daily. (See previous tip.)
Give a friend a spare, but make sure that "friend" is not a girl or boyfriend.



At 3:14 PM, Blogger Aethlos said...

or how about smoke 2 or 3 fewer joints per day.


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