Friday, August 12, 2005

Striking out at the Cubs game. The story of Fred and his Fouled Proposal.

It was two days ago when I ventured off to eat at the local Irish Pub. I ordered the best damn sandwich I've ever had; apples, brie, and smoked turkey. When I was patiently waiting for the sandwich to fall victim to my hunger I sat and watched the Cubs game broadcast on the TV. I looked, and there on the television a dorky man (overweight and in his late 20's) pulled out a baseball and started to unwrap it. What could he be doing? WGN knew, he knew, and now I screamed "He's proposing!" as I pointed to the flat screen. All eyes turn on that man, as he took out a small tourqiouse box and bended on one knee. "I can't believe he's doing that", said my waitress as we both looked on. What happened next became one of the saddest circumstances I've ever encountered with unknown people. The woman (in her mid-20's and dime-a-dozen cute) took her hand and placed it over her mouth. Her head moved around in a small circle, and she took a long stare at the ground. The man, who I'll name Fred, still holding the bended knee as WGN quickly switched camera angles to the game. As we watched in horror as Fred recieved neither a "Yes!" nor a nod, the game continued. Watching a bit more, two quick reveals from the camera posed at Fred offered a glimpse of their heated discussion. WOW. Recipe for disaster. Be sure to know ahead of time if your girl will accept your offer among a crowd of thousands of Cubs fans next time Fred.


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