Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Stigma of Quitting.

When it comes to something that in the long run will only hurt you, the usual assuption is that you'd stay away from it. Then why is it that most smoking Americans are struggling to get off the bandwagon of the cigarette fad. Take for instance the situation of one, Fred. Fred is an older smoker who knows that it is a terrible thing to do. He enjoys smoking, and is part of the social scene where it is not only tolerated, but assumed to be the norm. Fred has a boyfriend Tony, who is much younger and understands the stupidity of smoking, but also understands the addiction one can procure over time. My grandparents smoked in the 50's, and up into the 80's it was a seemingly unfateful pastime. My parents warned me about the risks when I dabbled in Highschool. I've found it a way of life, after seeing my grandmother pass away from lung cancer, to be proud of not smoking. I don't hate places that allow smoking, I don't pressure people to quit, I'm just now trying to make the people around me understand the pros and cons. Back to the story with Fred and Tony. Fred has tried everything; Tony purchased patches, Fred bought the expensive Nicoderm gum, and scheduled appointments to be hypnotized. Most recently Fred has become aware of his habit, and has not really done a thing to stop it. Teaching an old dog new tricks apparently is difficult. The scariest thing is that the new trend of quitting is directly related to the death of Peter Jennings and other celebrities. It goes to show that it really doesn't matter the reason, all it matters is that the reason is correct in the eyes of the beholder, that is the key.


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