Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Market Days and the wonderful time.

Market days weekend has arrived! Last night S and I went to Clarke’s after we walked around Belmont. The gang members we walked were shouting at the policeman who was slowly driving by. “Oh, looks like the policeman wants some trade”, said one of them as they stuck their booty out in the air with a saucy flair. Love this! This is what a Saturday night should be like. I come home after being in the fair for a few hours, and low and behold I have some friends over. The music from the neighboring club (that is right next to use, literally 6’ from our backdoor) is blasting and the time we got home was around 12. We sat and watched a movie on the fatty ( our projector ) and Iggy and I finished the night with a few TV shows then we were off to sleep. He left and the music was still blasting from C the club next-door. It was 4:00am and it was POUNDING! I had to take an ambien and sleep in the back room again with the fan on loud. Woke up this morning at 11:00am and had to go to work at A. Now, I forgot that the Market Day’s crowd was going to be there, so I arrived with my boss, the mean one (D) screaming at me if I so happened to talk to one of my friends eating for over a minute. I hate when he does that. I joined up with M and A to go pass out flyers for Crobar, and come home to rest with P. We slept until the music turned on from C next-door at 8 :00pm. Went to the fair to grab some really bad tasting food that P ate, not me, he liked it - I thought it looked bad.. I ran into MW, the high school softball player who was nice to me in class. We were friends and then college happened. Five years later – I bump into her and another girl ( Whom I recognized from being a year older than us in high school and on the softball team!!!! ) How un-freakin believable is that! Awesome I say. I come back to the house wishing I can sleep, but the music next door keeps me up until around 6. They didn’t even stop when the Sunday night curfew of 4am came around. This doesn’t happen all the time, but there are many weekend nights that I still don’t go to sleep because of the sound. But I’m young and it’s like living next to the B Line in New York, although I’m not really sure that’s true – it’s just what a friend told me. It’s a wonderful place to live, but the noise is just status quo, and set too loud. Market Days 2005, you were really nice to me. Thanks.


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