Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is the Nest the Best?

Last night I stopped by my friend R&R's and entered the party with a smile. The table was full of coins and the game was Texas Hold 'em. Meeting their friends, Phil, Troy, the boy from Virginia, Vicki, and Annie. Had ablast, and actually a pretty good time with them. Talking about how the cubs traffic affects the city so much, because of those stupid fucking suburban people thinking they can trash our city, get drunk and yell, and piss all over our lives. Then I went to S's. We got our stuff together and walked the 5 or so city blocks in the unbelieveably awesome weather. Got to my house and watched "the nest". Now it's a subby, so it's dubbed in english. Fucking awesome movie. After it all happened, I still dont really know what went on, but I know it did, It did go on. Tons of bullets, more than I've ever seen. Then we spent some time with our faces in the box fan, listening to the sound of bliss.

Remember - Vag of Bitchiness. Vag of Courage.


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