Saturday, August 06, 2005

Impaired by some as a nusance.

Blind people cannot see, Deaf people cannot hear, but what do you call people who have lost their sense of smell? What is the word that binds that community of people so close because of their lack of smell? It came up in discussion last night that S's father was included in that community. He was not able to smell the scents that we could. Growing up that way, S's father would have to make two opposite answers from the question, "Hey, I got a new cologne, how do you like it?" When thinking about the scenarios one must go through on a monthly basis involving your sense of smell I felt it intriguing. One-way around that question would be to disclose the information that you do not have a sense of smell. This would open a Pandora’s box of questions that you would have to deal with. Much like the retelling of a vacation the 16th time to a group of non-friends. Or S's father could simply close his eyes, take a fake whiff, smile, and with a phony image of lilacs or an orange grove... etc... tell the friend it is a good choice. S noted, You don't know how many times you have to use that sense in a month, if you documented each time... it would be more than just a few. The discussion fell further through the olfactory tunnel, discussing issues dealing with the crass (farting) to the serious (fire, gas). Since S's father had one less sense on his shoulders he grew a 'super' sense of taste. As deaf people have a higher sense of sight, and the blind community holds a bigger grip on sound, it would only come naturally that the 'deaf of the nose' community would accelerate in the taste region. It was an interesting revelation last night, and I only can hope that since my sense of the club scene is almost gone, my sense of the art world will only get better.


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