Monday, August 01, 2005

Change me into something but them.

Turning the TV on this morning I caught the last part of The View. Normally I don't watch shows like this, but today's segment "Today's Hot Topics" hit me hard. One, Scott Davis sat next to another man who was dressed appropriate for the show. The man sat next to Scott with his legs crossed. The two were obviously gay, so I wanted to know what they were preaching. When I said preaching, I wasn't kidding. These two guys were talking about the youth group Exodus. For those of you who don't know what it is, google it. An anti-gay youth converting camp is what it should be labeled. Scott is the director of the society, and rambled on in a scattered-brained way explaining what the facility can do for you. At least Walters stood up and stated that it wasn't a choice, rather a way of life. The other man chimed in, and confessed that he still has feelings for men, although he now is starting to have the same feelings for women. He's 24, and is waiting for marriage before he has sex with a woman. The girls on the show laughed at that comment and stated basically, "and you think that's going to keep you straight?!" Right on sister friend. The whole idea bugs me. They accept children going through this phase of life and who are questioning their sexuality, take them in, and through a process of a two week outing (Ha) they "see the light" and become one with GOD and straightened fags everywhere. I hate it. Don't Hate Yourself, Understand Who You Are, and Cherish Yourself.


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