Saturday, July 30, 2005

Blog Off, You Blogging Blogface.

Recently the job of writing a blog that pleases both writer and reader has taken a slight derailment. When someone chooses to blog, they open their ideas, feelings, and daily journal entries, and allow strangers to partake in their adventures. Not every blog holds the key to the readers attention, nor do they intend to make everyone understand their life.

One can hold a nice conversation with them and the computer, and let us in on their secret using the technique of online journaling, but when it gets so outlandishly "hip" to create such a blog, using ever-so-thought-out $50,000 words instead of the lamen's terms, it hurts. Use language that anyone can read and understand, or better yet, write for your demographic. One hint to the novice blogger, never under any instance write this phrase: "So read it, or don't, just be aware it exists." Maybe, just maybe someone out there doesn't even want to know it exists...


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