Saturday, August 06, 2005

Showers from Barrington

I'm attending a baby shower for the first time today. My past understandings of this event have only been seen in the editing room of a documentary on a 13 year old girl who was pregnant. Through a barrage of serendipities I know E's (expectant mother) friend K. She drives me in the sun through the maze of concrete tolls and bridges to Barrington. Land Ho! The subdivision is spotted. Turning off abbeywood to jamestown to swindon to garden to whatever street in whoville. Meeting V, K and I travel to the meeting grounds for the baby shower. I enter into the world unknown. I help make ham and cheese sandwiches for the group, which includes a vast variety of cultures, ages, and tastes. K and I place the sandwiches (which have been cut in fours) on the table. The guests enter, each bringing a small offspring. An hour goes by, games played include 'hot diaper' (hot potato knock-off), diaper reveal, toilet paper baby size game, and then the opening of presents. The hour long event boasted the most 'oohs and ahhs' I've heard all year. Since I went to the dollar store to make my purchases (totalling $23.00) I forgot the registry of presents maintained a Disney theme. Disney everything from the Pooh collection held the title of most purchased, and luckily my dollar purchases adhered to the corperate moguls. By the end of the un-wrapping ceremony the place was chaos. Controlled chaos with the mothers walking around protecting their children from the wrapping, tape, and bows of death. Looking at E unwrapping her gifts, belly full of a new life, made me appreciate this socially awkward event. The relationship I hold with her will only grow with this new presence. I wish her the best in this tough journey of bringing a new life into existance. This is what allowed me to maintain sanity for this long; it was done for me, and I will do for others. Prayers for your child Emily, from your new Aunt Ian.


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