Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Ever-So Traveler; Trains, Busses, And Automobiles.

(Pictured _ my friends from the Atlantic Cruises© 1976)
After waking up to a phone call from David, He needed to do the "Drive of shame" to his house - and I tagged along. Purchasing drinks and donuts for the road - we travelled through the cemetary (Graceland) where we saw OTIS and PALMER's tombs, just for fun. Driving back to David's place I buzzed his hair - I did a rather good job - and it looks like someone was paid the $15 to do it. We drove to my house to pick up the keys that I had forgotten (see previous post) and then decided to take the train into the city - I read a script on the way back home, and we took busses to our final destinations _ or so I thought. I went north to go to my apt. then had to return keys to southport, walked to southport, and then went to Lion's Pub in Lincoln park for amazing $2 Hamburgers. NICE.

Fell asleep - and woke up.

What's in store for today?


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