Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Jim Beam Shoot

When it was time to think of a parody for the newest video contest for high profile liquor Jim Beam one thing came to mind. The term "Butterface" has been a round for a while - and even has it's own urban dictionary page. Since this a mock of what they provided - The image in my head was basically the same, with a little twist - what if the girl had a bag over her head? Could she be as sexy as her body is when it came to her face? This also allows us to take on what we would feel comfortable seeing in our minds, her mouth movements inside the bag are invsible, but as we watch more our mind figures out what she might look like inside the bag. Horrible or Fantasy-come-true, it's up to you.

Click the link below to vote for "The Butterface" entry one for Directorian in this competition.