Saturday, April 29, 2006

A New Addition to the Family.

I'm proud to admit that after riding a bike to my friend Billy's apt, where I braved the rain, I returned with a sewing machine. There is something about it that just screamed at me when we chose to take the stairs and found it sitting in the corner. All I have is the japanese sticker picture of three asian girls on the top of it, and a box containing the proper sewing accesories. I went online tonight to find a "Heavy Duty" WHITE brand sewing machine, and couldn't find my specific model. Needless to say all of the White brand machines cost upwards to $800, cheapest still a few hundred. I plugged in the cords and smiled when everything seemed to be working. I need to get my friend over here to teach me how to string the thing. I don't even know how to thread a sewing machine. Cut a corner off guys, I just got a little more gay.

Move over FASHION. Into the light, FASHIAN.

How about 'dem apples.

Friday, April 28, 2006

John Waters is at Columbia Today!

So weird that John Waters is here today to speak at a bunch of horny geeked up college students. I wish I could attend, seeing how the last two netflix I had were Cecil B. Demented and Pecker.

Nice huh?

Celibacy for Cinema!

Last Viewings; "Open Water"

Tom and Eileen Lonergan were a married couple from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who were stranded January 25, 1998, while scuba diving with a group off Australia's Great Barrier Reef. While scuba diving, the group's boat accidentally abandoned them. The couple were left to fend for themselves in shark-infested waters and, although no trace of them was ever found, likely eventually died of dehydration, drowning, shark attack, or a combination thereof.
Several theories surrounding their disappearance still abound. At the time it was suggested that the Lonergans might have staged their disappearance. There was speculation in Australia that the theory of them staging their disappearance was concocted to take the heat off the diving company's owner. Most experts later dismissed this theory, as the Lonergan's bank accounts were never touched and their insurance policies were not claimed.
Another theory suggested that the pair committed suicide, or murder-suicide. This theory was bolstered by entries found in both victims' diaries. Excerpts from Tom Lonergan's personal diary were used to portray a deeply disturbed man who was looking for a 'quick and peaceful' death. Eileen's writings had expressed concern for her well being given Tom's 'death wish.' She had openly chosen to stay with Tom Lonergan, no matter the outcome.
However, the diary entries were taken out of context, according to Eileen's parents and family members. The family, Coroner Noel Nunan and the Port Douglas police claim that only pages that would validate the suicide theory were leaked to the press, whereas the majority of the diaries remains unread except by the Coroner, Port Douglas police and the Hains family. Additionally, the Coroner seemed to agree with that assessment when he dismissed suggestions that the Lonergans had either committed suicide or faked their own disappearance. Further, according to the Port Douglas police, Dive Queensland spokesman Col McKenzie was directly involved with and possibly responsible for spreading theories that the Lonergans had faked their deaths. To date, McKenzie insists the Lonergans are still alive. "Most marine experts, myself included, feel that the Lonergans are not dead," says Col McKenzie.

WOW. I would have never thought that. Watching the end of the movie deemed "anti-climactic" from the customer at my work, I watched as the deep blue sea washed up the last moments on the screen. Yeah. I really didn't understand it, and after watching the "I shouldn't be alive" series on the Discovery channel I felt kinda used. It wasn't until the next day that my friend sent me this Wikepedia link discribing the potential suicide of the couple in open water. Apparently there was alot of trouble with the company that head counted wrong, as to assure our movie 5 years later, and the diaries of the couple, who stated some sort of notions about dying.

I'll stay where the water is maintained by people still wearing mouse suits. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Viewings; Cecil B. Demeted

"Family is just another word for censorship!" Spouts a woman being forced to participate in John Water's Cecil B. Demented. The whole movie pokes fun at the Hollywood machine and the "Hollywood of the East" Baltimore Independent Waters'esk art house and porno flick, action watching theater-goers. Such a mouthful, as one can; describing any Water's movies. This movie takes us on a journey so fantasic we don't care who's going to die, or how will they be killed, it just makes us consistantly aware that each character is horny. Melanie Griffith plays Honey Witlock, the Patti Hearst of the Underground filmmakers. This is funny too, cause Patti Hearst herself plays as the mother of "Fidget" the 'both caps in the knee - first one to try leaving the filmmakers - pleasures himself' kind of kid. John Water's subject matter is such a bold slap in the face to so many issues and topics, I'm happy he gets them out there, so that we can talk about them and learn from them. Thanks for all the cherry pops.

Happy 200th post!

The Gallery of Art will soon be opened online! Happy 200th Post!

The Creatives will bring you afforable one-of-a-kind art to your eyes. Watch for the website soon!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Martika, Inc.

Step by Step, Heart to Heart, Left Right Left, We All Fall Down... The words are still in my head as the little kiddies are jumping around singing. Why was this song so intriguing to me? The melody is slow and the feeling mimics the endiing credits to Lost Boys. All I heard was that this song touched on a taboo subject, making it more discussion for parents and kids, instead of Billboard's Top 10.
A little something about Martika
Not just the Madonna wannabe she is often remembered as, Martika had songwriting skills and enough savvy to choose some of the best hooks of the '80s for her debut album. You'll find yourself singing these songs months after you've heard them. And that's a good thing. Her voice is thin and a bit limited, but she surrounds herself with producers who understand how to put a sheen on a great pop gem. The catchiest song is also the dumbest; "If You're Tarzan, I'm Jane," about a girl willing to adapt to anything her man wants her to be, is somewhat sexist, but it's such fun it's hard to not sing along. The big hit single, "Toy Soldiers," works with its childlike vocals and lyrics, creating a haunting, effective dichotomy with its subject of drug addiction. Martika even has the chutzpah to cover a Carole King song -- "I Feel the Earth Move" -- and actually does it justice. Producer Michael Jay -- writer or co-writer of "Toy Soldiers," "If You're Tarzan, I'm Jane," "More Than You Know," "Cross My Heart," "You Got Me Into This," "It's Not What You're Doing," and "See If I Care" -- shows he has the ear of an amazing pop artist à la Bernie Taupin. The melodies and productions make this album a major success, but if pop isn't your thing, you might not care that these are hooks many superstars would kill for. (All Music Guide)
Marrero got her start as "Gloria" on the Disney Channel kids show Kids, Inc. about a group of neighbourhood kids who rose to local fame by singing staged productions at a corner malt shop. At around the same time, Martika and many fellow cast members from Kids Incorporated starred in the musical numbers from the Mr. T motivational video "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool", which also aired in 1984. Shanice as well as future Black Eyed Peas member Stacy Ferguson also had singing parts in the video.
Marrero also had a role in the 1982 motion picture Annie as one of the orphan girls.
Following her role in Kids Incorporated and "Be Somebody", Martika was quickly snagged by CBS Records as a potential, Madonna-esque pop star. Her first album, Martika, spawned the number one hit of 1989 the anti drug abuse song "Toy Soldiers", but was, as is often the case with American pop stars, an even larger success abroad. She had foreign hits with "Water", "More Than You Know", "I Feel the Earth Move" and "Alibis". "More Than You Know" and "I Feel The Earth Move" (a remake of Carole King's Tapestry album classic) were also U.S. Top 40 hits (#18 and #25, respectively). In 1991, she was approached by Prince and became one of the so-called "Prince Protégés". Her second album, Martika's Kitchen, was an American flop (but for the radio favourites "Love...Thy Will Be Done," her second and final U.S. Top 10 single, and the title track). However, the album was again a huge success abroad, though on a lesser scale, spawning hits with the songs "Coloured Kisses" and "Temptation". However, it faded fast on the charts and went out of print.

Won't you come out and play with me Martika?

Friday, April 21, 2006

This is another Barry White/Issac Hayes sound-alike from Ian Sklarsky!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I got the mic - I made four songs today -
paste this link for the first song I made - Charge It.

Peaces Bros and Sistas - happy 420.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You've gotta be kidding.

Go ahead. Think of all the possible letters that could randomly join together and spell a word. Now think of all the words that you think computer geeks would program, so that you would have to bow down to the almighty internet and be forced to type words you think have meaning. I thought this one was really ironic today. Bow down Ian, Bow DOWN.

The Ever-So Traveler; Trains, Busses, And Automobiles.

(Pictured _ my friends from the Atlantic Cruises© 1976)
After waking up to a phone call from David, He needed to do the "Drive of shame" to his house - and I tagged along. Purchasing drinks and donuts for the road - we travelled through the cemetary (Graceland) where we saw OTIS and PALMER's tombs, just for fun. Driving back to David's place I buzzed his hair - I did a rather good job - and it looks like someone was paid the $15 to do it. We drove to my house to pick up the keys that I had forgotten (see previous post) and then decided to take the train into the city - I read a script on the way back home, and we took busses to our final destinations _ or so I thought. I went north to go to my apt. then had to return keys to southport, walked to southport, and then went to Lion's Pub in Lincoln park for amazing $2 Hamburgers. NICE.

Fell asleep - and woke up.

What's in store for today?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ian Shirt design ends up on Director Phillip Bartell

Looking through the internet - I found one of my t-shirt designs resting on the torso of one of my friends! Thanks for promoting me! PS _ email me if you want any versions of this t-shirt - prices vary,


The Labrynth.

Looking recently for a new apartment (just covering bases) I searched with my new Apartment People friend Scott, who proved to mimic my Uncle Bill so much we became instant "House hunting buddies". One building made me forget all the other places we saw. The Edward Glasser building in the revamped Kenmore/Buena area that I once lived in. The thing about it was that it was hidden to everyone. I always thought that it was just a work building, little did I know that once you get through front building, there is another one in the back. Seriously - you have to go up stairs, walk forward, walk down stairs, open door, turn left, walk up stairs, open door, turn left walk down stairs, open a door, look left and there is two doors, it's the right one.

talk about a maze.
I loved it.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lost and Found; the taste of forgetfulness.

When the thought of losing your keys comes to my head it rings two bells;
Don't be alarmed, and Be VERY alarmed.
Trust me - I don't want to forget things, but I am human, and humans forget things. Easter dinner was wonderful and the honey-glazed ham went very well with the almond sparkling wine we had. I slept wonderfully on the brand new Serta matress with 2-in pillow top... so heavenly. I woke up and took a shower in my old bathroom, and had a drink of coffee that wasn't so terribly hot this time. I travelled on the bullet train into the city, thankfully passing all of the stops inbetween. I caught the 151 to put me to the Orange line to take me to the Brownline, then thinking it would be faster to take the 147, walking a block to Michigan Ave. to catch the X3 King Drive bus to connect me to the 146 that would get me home. Stepping off the 146 I walked home molesting my bag as my Ipod was playing "I've got a brand pair of rollerskates, you've got a brand new key". Now that I think about it, the song really fit for this morning.
I get home with no keys, no clue, and no worries.
I remember where they are, make the nessesary arrangments to pick them up in the near future, and will proceed with my day as planned.

Oh. The keys were in the car that took my away from the city. The passenger seat - lower pocket. The first thing I did was put them there and enjoyed my ride away from the city last night.

Here are some tips for those forgetful woes who let their keys stray.

Their importance is obvious, but losing your keys is more than inconvenient -- it can also jeopardize the safety of your home and car.

Leave them on a hook next to the door.
Attach a paging device to your keychain.
If you're like most men, odds are you have a cup or bowl for spare change; you might as well use this to store your keys. If not, prepare one specifically for the things you need daily. (See previous tip.)
Give a friend a spare, but make sure that "friend" is not a girl or boyfriend.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Upset.

I hate to say it - but Mother Nature should be doing less Meth. One day it's 80, the next it's 50 and rainy - I also heard that Easter is the worst holiday because of it's "floating" nature - for retail it means that every year it's a different day - landing mostly on the 3rd Sunday of the month of April. Now, this is the worst for the chocolate makers and basket weavers, but hey - I'm glad I dont have to work in those conditions.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Browsing for a long lost friend.

Searching the Friendster world for a lost friend is easier than you think. Just type in their name under search, and you'll get a list of people with the same names. It was a long shot - but I wanted to see if I could contact a frined from 3 years ago who now resides in New York. Alas, he lives in San Fransisco, and Friendster helped me contact him again. The internet has changed everything... :P

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Fourth Sister

Last night I was videographer number two at the Trap Door's "The Fourth Sister" which was a wonderful show. Three sisters in modern day Moscow hunger for love and happiness amidst the uncertainty of a new world order.
When an American filmmaker comes to town, they see a chance to change their fates, and someday, just maybe get to Hollywood - or is it Brighton Beach?
An unflinchingly funny and daring epic, with a sly wink towards Chekhov.
Wonderfully eccentric and compelling performances from the cast. I never looked at my watch! I reccomend it to all.
Link :

Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's AccordIAN

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Last night was the screening for the Vidiocy 10 film festival. I simply don't understand why Arena wasn't chosen. Was it too much for the audience? (me thinks) It is a little overwhelming, but hey - after the 9 minutes of listening to everyone give their recollections - you understand the whole premise.
The movies last night really told me something about the competition; it all depends on the judges. (Even the best acted movie "Checkmate" filmed at the local spin cycle didn't get nods for the top 4) There were guys being beaten up by muppets, a Lynch'esk dream sequence (made by a production house I think) prostitutes named Jasmine, Closets with something behind it, and many guys masturbating. What's with that?
More crude humor won the top 4, and looking at the judges from Chicago Sun-Times, they were all about the fart jokes. I know, I know. I'm venting, I didn't win, so of course I'm upset, but it annoyed me.
Plus, my ex-girlfriend came to see the show and was appauled by one of the movies (I was too) and left. I can't invite people to film festivals anymore - because people aren't ready to be horrified.
Congratulations to the winners, Good Luck to the participants, and you're on for next year.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

GOLD COAST is a "Most Viewed" on

Just to let you know - off with the conference call - I've made a "most viewed" catagory - now that's with the comment "totally boring" which is fun.

Go me. conference call.

At 12pm I hooked into my first conference call with the website that I have recently been making videos for. In May will be developing a whole new format, where small companies can hire out filmmakers to make a video on their corperation for a small price. Now, do you think I can get some nice stories about some small businesses? I think so.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

CLICK HERE for Arena Gag Reel

After partying at Green Dolphin Street's Boom Boom Room, it is now 4:47pm and I'm now just feeling sober. Music was pounding and yet again - it's still one of the best times in Chicago.
I'm going to get my haircut today - I'll be saying good buy to my 8 month long hair. Or, maybe 6, I forget.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday -

The results are in Ian. I didn't win. I didn't even place top 10. the contest - Vidiocy 10, the rules - slim to none. The emails weren't sent to me - and I wasn't picked. My project (scroll down and view "arena") lasted 10 minutes and introduced a number of characters. Although I didn't know anything about the criteria for winning, Don't know the prize, dont even know how many people entered. There might be some AMAZING films, but you know - you still get bummed.



Sunday, April 09, 2006

Last night at Angelinas.

The crowd of people haulled in from the cubs game proved to be the most obnoxious group of people this year - Only a sign of what we have to come!

GO SUBURBAN idiots who think that the city is their playground.

Think again...


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pics of the day.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

new Puss.

OH yeah - this cat is real.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gold Coast is live and boasting a nice review on! CLICK HERE TO SEE

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Try it on for size.
Arena by Ian Sklarsky.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Here's a Look at some Art....

Oh yes. I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday - I found it hard to as the Chicago storms keep having us tangled in its web of chaotic mother nature on crystal-ness.

when will spring come?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Welcome to lending a vision.

I love it! The two videos I produced for are showing up all over the internet -

MSN Video, iTunes and Google Video feature TurnHere films

Word about TurnHere shorts continues to spread, thanks in part to MSN Video, which has been featuring TurnHere films on its lifestyles and travel page. This week, the TurnHere short Hale'iwa got its own graphic banner on the page. MSN Video, Google Video and the iTunes store each carry more than 100 TurnHere videos. Just search for "TurnHere" to find them (because TurnHere shares a server with a sister company, Inman News, you must search "Inman Stories" at MSN Video to see TurnHere shorts. The problem is being addressed).