Sunday, July 31, 2005

Who would you be?

The smell resounds as I await the arrival of the red line--south. At
the end of a Cubs game the stillness and traffic are saturated with
straight-male suburbia. Tightly belted khakis restrain 'Polo' wrapped
muffin tops--ugh--the daily horror a woman faces. What woman would I
be? Politician or tart…

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moments of July 30.

Blog Off, You Blogging Blogface.

Recently the job of writing a blog that pleases both writer and reader has taken a slight derailment. When someone chooses to blog, they open their ideas, feelings, and daily journal entries, and allow strangers to partake in their adventures. Not every blog holds the key to the readers attention, nor do they intend to make everyone understand their life.

One can hold a nice conversation with them and the computer, and let us in on their secret using the technique of online journaling, but when it gets so outlandishly "hip" to create such a blog, using ever-so-thought-out $50,000 words instead of the lamen's terms, it hurts. Use language that anyone can read and understand, or better yet, write for your demographic. One hint to the novice blogger, never under any instance write this phrase: "So read it, or don't, just be aware it exists." Maybe, just maybe someone out there doesn't even want to know it exists...

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Lake, The Sea.

On this very nice day, R and I decided to walk around town. Traveling to the Pizza Place we got some slices, traveled to the lakefront to eat some snacks, then waltz home in the cool breeze off the lake. It's times like this that I love Chicago. The temperature and the people, out enjoying a nice Friday afternoon and evening. Love it.

When looking at the lake, R responded, "I can see how they thought the world was flat." True dat R, true dat. Looking at the horizon I was thinking about all the boats out there that sunk. The list would be very long I gathered. The Scuba Diving company I want to take lessons from do their final dive in the lake, the sea more like it, the caption reads. There are alot of wrecks and debris out there.

I just took some moss and molded it to fit the body shape and then laid it on some weeds in my patio that grew like wings of a dragonfly. nice huh?


Along with the banning of smoking, I will start to turn off my television. Most recently there have been more and more twits on TV that just banter nonsense the whole program. My boyfriend P likes it, and has become saddened by the length and obsenity of the Natalee Halloway case. It's terrible that I even know how to correctly spell her name. She's dead by the way, clothes burnt, body cut up, and thrown to the sharks by that Vander Sloot boy's parents. They knew exactly what to do with that situation. Texas Equisearch can stop their paid vacations and come home to solve other cases. So terrible what we've come to.

To smoke, or not to smoke.

S asking three cabs if "they have a cigarette".

Watching my friend S run around town looking for a cigarette made me question the true stigma of a smoker. Why can't I quit? After watching my grandmother pass away from lung cancer, having my other grandparents tell me they quit at an early age, and my parents telling me the usual "teen smoking is not cool" routine, I have now decided for my sake I'm quitting. Leaving dinner with friends to hang out at the bar and puff away, going outside in the rain/cold to have a smoke, asking complete strangers to bum one, or even finding an already used cig to puff on... why? Because you crave it. It's something that has a control on your life. It will threaten your life so much, that even Michael Eisner told Charlie Rose his biggest accomplishment in his life was "I quit smoking" hands down Michael. There are those Twilight Zones out there that fortell the positive side of smoking ( (Keeps track of scenes in movies and TV when an actress smokes cigarettes, cigars, etc. The website author apparently enjoys watching people smoke as in this sample review from a 1985 "TWILIGHT ZONE episode "Button, Button" with Mare Winningham where he observes "She chain-smokes throughout, primarily to define her 'bitch' character. Her smoking is good, with many shots of her dangling, lighting-up and puffing (though few of her exhaling), but her character is so unattractive that it's difficult to fully enjoy it." So, if you're into Tobacco or you just need some examples of when and where smoking occurs on the big and little screen (TV) then this site can be useful. The site also features a section called "Smoking from all Sides" that offers links to sites that cover both the "pro" and the "con" issues of smoking. )) It's an interesting debate and in all seriousness, I'm off the nicotine.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Location, Location...

Do I want what is best for me? Of course I do - but does that coincide with my other? The question stares me blank in the face as I lay in my bed listening to the club next door pounding away until the early morning. "He" is a night owl, working in the late hours at a well-known club; "I" am a recently graduated student who has the world to conquer. We've lived in the same place for almost a year, and now we are thinking about the most recent debate, moving. You can hardly call this place we live in a "nice" environment. Since the clubs' reopening (actually happening on my birthday weekend, what a nice present) the state of this estate has become so horribly dismal that I can't say "Hello" to my neighbors without wondering what they perceive me to be; a lover of the night scene and enjoys the extra music the club, or the later; Hate them with a passion of wrecking our mental state, that then wrecks our physical nature. I liked having the music for a while, I LOVED it when my friends came over around midnight on a Friday night and a small urban hint was in the air as we mingled. But now it's getting more involved. Less sleep at night, and only sleep when tucked in the back corner, box fan on high, and ambien slowly moving down my throat. Can we stand the test of time, and see whether or not the Whole Foods/GLBTQ Youth Center being built across the street will knock out all clubs within the near future? Or will this bring in more consumers for the club? Cubs traffic is already the worst, and when it comes to the fact that MORE people will be in this area, and MORE people will be commuting through this area, I only dream to leave. The space is wonderful (a nice 1600 sq. ft. 2 bed/2bath) and we might get it for cheap, but that is more for the "He" to decide. Alas, "I" am the recently graduated student, who hopefully with "He" will conquer the world, and let's hope it's in another location.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is "looming" the next small dog?

What if instead of silk screening (which is cool now) looming became the next fad, and Paris Hilton had to get one to be cool.

The worst feeling in the world to me is sand in your teeth, when you bite down hard.
The best however, would either be Squeeging the shower door after a nice long shower, or running along with a dragonfly next to you.

How about them apples.

Silk Screen This, Bitch.

So I've had my first trial in the long battle to perfect the silk screened print. I chose the awesomely outrageous saying "You remind me of the babe." with a stencil of David Bowie from the movie Labrynth. I thought alot of people would understand this quote, but alas, the few folks who I've shown don't understand it, and it's cause the print fucking blows. It's going to be a long time until i figure out how to do this correctly.
As for yesterday - the clouds rolled in and S called me to go to the boats. It's storming and G and this new guy J pick me up in the vepsa, where J has a Piaggio. We roll to the boats and take in a nice storm with some drinks and When Harry Met Sally.
Nice way to wait out a storm, on a boat. Next brilliant storm, I'll be sure to be there.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Art as Life, Art as Brutal Life.

Gaspar No wrote and directed a movie that I could only stomach for the first 30 minutes. Along with my friend S, we rented a film called, "Irreversible" (English Title). Not allowed to be rented at Blockbuster, and when asked if the movie was carried by a local film store, the "oh, do we ever" comment lingered in the air as if we had asked to adventure into the most grusome story. Other people were now interested in this movie, since the discussion arose from this film. The film started with the most interesting title sequence I've seen. Flashing a ton of words, characters, phrases, and credits, the soundtrack provided a new feeling never felt before. After reading the trivia ( on IMDB, I found out that it's the same frequency that one would experience in an earthquake. A slight vertigo and uncomfert come as a result of the 25 minute long introduction to "the Rectum", the actual local gay S&M bar in Paris. Traveling into the three basements, the camera continually moves in and through the maze of gay men sharing in their fetish. The main character is looking for a "Tenia" which also is a kind of tapeworm, as metaphorical as that seems, paints a very disturbing image of the type of guy he's looking for. With the warning of his city dwelling friend with street-smarts, that the Tenia will kill him, the man moves on asking the myriad drug-users. After finding the Tenia, the man get brutally killed after a short rape. The scene that stands out so much, and this is why I had to stop was the method of the kill. After being punched out, the man lies on the ground unconscious, Tenia pulls out and rapes the man, then takes a fire extinguisher and repeatedly hits his head, bashing it until it's cracked and brutally realistically has a scoop dug out. Graphically it was an image that will stick in my mind, and made me become one like the 200 that left in Cannes. It was at the time when they threatened to kill the hooker, who was a tranny, that we decided to turn it off. Reading all the reviews make me happy I did, an anal rape scene using the whole 20 minute mag was used. Art imitates life, and I hope to have the art of a Woody Allen movie instead that of Gaspar No. Oh, and the actress, Monica Bellucci who gets raped has so much range in acting, and is so pleasant to look at, she starred as Mary Magdalen in the Passion of the Christ. Nice huh? That's acting.

Monday, July 25, 2005

"Good Morning," said the traveled man...

GOOD MORNING, he said as he grabbed his coffee mug filled with caffine. "Boy, do I have a story to tell you."
The pictures i'll post, the time's I've had, the thoughts I've made, it's all going to be catalouged for you on this blog. My trip to new york was AMAZING! I spent a total of 8 days in the city - and it all started out with one bag, ended with one bag, but this time, FULL to the brim with presents, adventures, and stories.
The last day i took a subway to a bus to a plane to a monorail to another plane to a cab to home to a cab to a party to the subway to a club to a vespa to my house to sleep. Talk about a fun long day. The party i bartended was a private party on lakeshore, with a great view and good people, and I walked out with twice my pay, so after waking up on 42nd street, to end it with a bunch of cash, good travel, and company, in my own bed in Chicago, I was happy.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is the Nest the Best?

Last night I stopped by my friend R&R's and entered the party with a smile. The table was full of coins and the game was Texas Hold 'em. Meeting their friends, Phil, Troy, the boy from Virginia, Vicki, and Annie. Had ablast, and actually a pretty good time with them. Talking about how the cubs traffic affects the city so much, because of those stupid fucking suburban people thinking they can trash our city, get drunk and yell, and piss all over our lives. Then I went to S's. We got our stuff together and walked the 5 or so city blocks in the unbelieveably awesome weather. Got to my house and watched "the nest". Now it's a subby, so it's dubbed in english. Fucking awesome movie. After it all happened, I still dont really know what went on, but I know it did, It did go on. Tons of bullets, more than I've ever seen. Then we spent some time with our faces in the box fan, listening to the sound of bliss.

Remember - Vag of Bitchiness. Vag of Courage.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Driving in michigan, we see the road split from dry to wet. The summer rains were coming. Philip presses the gas and we zoom past the air, into the water ahead. He turns the wheel and parks in a lot right next to a diner. We lock the doors and run out of the car into the patio. The onlookers see us drenched as we enter the "roadhouse" grab a menu and sit at the bar.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Want some kink with that Sbarro?

Dining at the local HIP mall on Irving, their food court offered a little more excitement than usual. I dont know if the counterman was hitting on me, or if it was just a natural placement of food, but when I looked down, I realized I had one nice breadstick.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

There's always a rotten apple in the bunch.

The Apple PowerBook G4 is a wonderful tool to make movies and to write music, but why is it hitting an artistic snag when it comes to uploading simple images to blogspot? The pinnacle of the computer world, and I can't manage to find a single server who can upload a cellphone picture to a website. Amazing.

Is McDonalds going for the gold in advertising?

Within the past few months I've had more reaction to the ripped McDonalds bag on my refridgerator than anything else. Adorned with "I'm lovin' it", McDonalds newest ad campaign, a rather well-built man appears to be holding a boys' hand as he stares up at him. The kids face is seen in profile, and the only view we have of the man is his backside. Perfect. The boys' expression on his face is that of anticipation and excitement. They, however, are wearing soccer outfits. Could this man be his father?, his lover?, who? Since my boyfriend is older than me, we get all the jokes and hits for the "daddy son" complex. Most of our gay friends think it's really something, McDonalds is subliminally telling us it's ok to be gay. There is the same for an older woman and younger girl, they however are reading a book on a bed. I don't know why it's so attractive to me, maybe it's all those coach fantasies I have, but then again - it could be brilliant marketing that only McDonalds could both afford and advertise with.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

From Chicago with Love, Pardon my naivete.

AIM IM with ______________ 8:03 PM
where do you live?
what street
Bedford and n6 in williamsburg
i'm with a friend giving me tips
Not anywhere near their
is that what it's called
we have a map of New york
i'm coming prepared
Do you see union squar in manhattan
of course
i know union square
I live where all the hipster indie kids live
is de la guarda playing?
so cool
whats the intersection we'll see on a map
So if you follow a straight line with your fingure to the right
Right past the river you'll see williamsburg
Follow 14th st
All the way to the right and cross the river as if 14th was there and I'm right there
you in queens

No go a little south sout of greenpoint
in pennsylviania - are you near bucks county
See it
Hahaaha your not looking at a very good map
Your looking at a state map huh
8:10 PM
I'm 3 stops from uinon square on the la train
Tkae 4 minutes
Sorry l train
my friends ripping on me
can i publish this?
Why is he riping on you
cause he's honest about what my boyfriend will be doing when i'm gone
Haha what's your bf going to be doing
freaking out about me

and you guys on the rocks
he played out a funny kinda true play of what philip will think
Haha will phillip be nervous
Don't forget to tell him how hot I am
can i put this on my blog?
Of course
You want me to send a picture too
Where's your blog at
Is that the link u sebt me earlier

Home for the Holiday.

When your from Naperville, you have to do something.

It's a Friggin 'ofrio

Bought in a Church "rummage" sale for 15$ this Fernand D'onofrio might be worth a bundle of money, and still holds the same awe when I view it weeks later.

"It's been like a weird side story in my life," Ian Sklarsky of Chicago, IL said. "I went into a church and saw it, stood and fought with myself whether or not I should purchase it, when I asked one of the volunteers how much, they said ' I think it's 15$'". Ian made the purchase and walked out of the church with applause from the workers of the sale. One of the workers rushed outside to Ian, "Before you leave, I want to know who the artist is... Fernand D'onofrio, D'onofrio. Ok, thanks."

Once home he revealed it to his boyfriend. "I don't like it," said the boyfriend, "It's crap". The crap he was referring to was D'onofrio's Chicago creation "Serie Transmutation" from his "Series" installation in 1995.

Ian looked on the computer to find out more about the artist. "And then all of a sudden I saw a sketch of the piece I have, it was I think the best purchase I have ever made... in my life." D'onofrio is an artist whos work has been seen all over the world.

"I don't know where this is going to go, but at least I can now call myself a true art collector."
~ Ian Sklarsky

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