Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Art as Life, Art as Brutal Life.

Gaspar No wrote and directed a movie that I could only stomach for the first 30 minutes. Along with my friend S, we rented a film called, "Irreversible" (English Title). Not allowed to be rented at Blockbuster, and when asked if the movie was carried by a local film store, the "oh, do we ever" comment lingered in the air as if we had asked to adventure into the most grusome story. Other people were now interested in this movie, since the discussion arose from this film. The film started with the most interesting title sequence I've seen. Flashing a ton of words, characters, phrases, and credits, the soundtrack provided a new feeling never felt before. After reading the trivia (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0290673/) on IMDB, I found out that it's the same frequency that one would experience in an earthquake. A slight vertigo and uncomfert come as a result of the 25 minute long introduction to "the Rectum", the actual local gay S&M bar in Paris. Traveling into the three basements, the camera continually moves in and through the maze of gay men sharing in their fetish. The main character is looking for a "Tenia" which also is a kind of tapeworm, as metaphorical as that seems, paints a very disturbing image of the type of guy he's looking for. With the warning of his city dwelling friend with street-smarts, that the Tenia will kill him, the man moves on asking the myriad drug-users. After finding the Tenia, the man get brutally killed after a short rape. The scene that stands out so much, and this is why I had to stop was the method of the kill. After being punched out, the man lies on the ground unconscious, Tenia pulls out and rapes the man, then takes a fire extinguisher and repeatedly hits his head, bashing it until it's cracked and brutally realistically has a scoop dug out. Graphically it was an image that will stick in my mind, and made me become one like the 200 that left in Cannes. It was at the time when they threatened to kill the hooker, who was a tranny, that we decided to turn it off. Reading all the reviews make me happy I did, an anal rape scene using the whole 20 minute mag was used. Art imitates life, and I hope to have the art of a Woody Allen movie instead that of Gaspar No. Oh, and the actress, Monica Bellucci who gets raped has so much range in acting, and is so pleasant to look at, she starred as Mary Magdalen in the Passion of the Christ. Nice huh? That's acting.


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