Friday, July 29, 2005

To smoke, or not to smoke.

S asking three cabs if "they have a cigarette".

Watching my friend S run around town looking for a cigarette made me question the true stigma of a smoker. Why can't I quit? After watching my grandmother pass away from lung cancer, having my other grandparents tell me they quit at an early age, and my parents telling me the usual "teen smoking is not cool" routine, I have now decided for my sake I'm quitting. Leaving dinner with friends to hang out at the bar and puff away, going outside in the rain/cold to have a smoke, asking complete strangers to bum one, or even finding an already used cig to puff on... why? Because you crave it. It's something that has a control on your life. It will threaten your life so much, that even Michael Eisner told Charlie Rose his biggest accomplishment in his life was "I quit smoking" hands down Michael. There are those Twilight Zones out there that fortell the positive side of smoking ( (Keeps track of scenes in movies and TV when an actress smokes cigarettes, cigars, etc. The website author apparently enjoys watching people smoke as in this sample review from a 1985 "TWILIGHT ZONE episode "Button, Button" with Mare Winningham where he observes "She chain-smokes throughout, primarily to define her 'bitch' character. Her smoking is good, with many shots of her dangling, lighting-up and puffing (though few of her exhaling), but her character is so unattractive that it's difficult to fully enjoy it." So, if you're into Tobacco or you just need some examples of when and where smoking occurs on the big and little screen (TV) then this site can be useful. The site also features a section called "Smoking from all Sides" that offers links to sites that cover both the "pro" and the "con" issues of smoking. )) It's an interesting debate and in all seriousness, I'm off the nicotine.


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yes, it is i... pathetic i... ugh. i might as well use this comment as a cheap plug... for my own site. love the blog--sassy.


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