Thursday, July 28, 2005

Location, Location...

Do I want what is best for me? Of course I do - but does that coincide with my other? The question stares me blank in the face as I lay in my bed listening to the club next door pounding away until the early morning. "He" is a night owl, working in the late hours at a well-known club; "I" am a recently graduated student who has the world to conquer. We've lived in the same place for almost a year, and now we are thinking about the most recent debate, moving. You can hardly call this place we live in a "nice" environment. Since the clubs' reopening (actually happening on my birthday weekend, what a nice present) the state of this estate has become so horribly dismal that I can't say "Hello" to my neighbors without wondering what they perceive me to be; a lover of the night scene and enjoys the extra music the club, or the later; Hate them with a passion of wrecking our mental state, that then wrecks our physical nature. I liked having the music for a while, I LOVED it when my friends came over around midnight on a Friday night and a small urban hint was in the air as we mingled. But now it's getting more involved. Less sleep at night, and only sleep when tucked in the back corner, box fan on high, and ambien slowly moving down my throat. Can we stand the test of time, and see whether or not the Whole Foods/GLBTQ Youth Center being built across the street will knock out all clubs within the near future? Or will this bring in more consumers for the club? Cubs traffic is already the worst, and when it comes to the fact that MORE people will be in this area, and MORE people will be commuting through this area, I only dream to leave. The space is wonderful (a nice 1600 sq. ft. 2 bed/2bath) and we might get it for cheap, but that is more for the "He" to decide. Alas, "I" am the recently graduated student, who hopefully with "He" will conquer the world, and let's hope it's in another location.


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