Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Silk Screen This, Bitch.

So I've had my first trial in the long battle to perfect the silk screened print. I chose the awesomely outrageous saying "You remind me of the babe." with a stencil of David Bowie from the movie Labrynth. I thought alot of people would understand this quote, but alas, the few folks who I've shown don't understand it, and it's cause the print fucking blows. It's going to be a long time until i figure out how to do this correctly.
As for yesterday - the clouds rolled in and S called me to go to the boats. It's storming and G and this new guy J pick me up in the vepsa, where J has a Piaggio. We roll to the boats and take in a nice storm with some drinks and When Harry Met Sally.
Nice way to wait out a storm, on a boat. Next brilliant storm, I'll be sure to be there.


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